Grigio Italian Luxury

Custom slogan


  • Grigio is a new option to the best international brands, a brand that presents the most innovative designs of Italian Luxury, a spectacular combination of elegance and glamour inspired by the shapes and colors of the most exclusive Swarovski crystals.
  •  Luxury and pleasure to look their best with a quality design and materials without comparison, the highest standards of finish is the sign of an obsessive quest for perfection.
  • Jewels polished with maximum precision and hand finished, exclusive Swarovski crystals and the finest steel make these pieces a true work of art.
  • The controlled process and quality of alloy jewelry generate unchanging over time, which may be subject to the highest standards and fully support the hardest treatment of everyday life.
  • Italy as a source of inspiration. The most important tradition of Milano and Firenze Jewels combined with the latest technology and careful craftsmanship of jewelers specialized, are the virtues of Grigio for a privileged place in the world of luxury brands aimed at women today.